Kyle Thornburg was born in Southern California and moved with his family to Wichita in 1995. He started school in the Maize District as a first grader, graduating from Maize High School in 2008.

As a student, Kyle always enjoyed those subjects where he could be creative. He thought very highly of many of his teachers and appreciated their willingness to help him pursue his interests. Kyle was also quite involved in group activities, particularly with various sport teams. He played soccer, baseball, basketball and golf growing up, participating in basketball and cross-country at Maize Middle School. At Maize High School, Kyle played both basketball and soccer, and he was on the soccer team all four years during high school.

In addition to sports, Kyle had an avid interest in various forms of art, as well as architecture. After graduating from MHS, Kyle attended Butler Community College, Kansas State University and Wichita State University. He was a big KSU Wildcat football fan, attending many games in his youth and as a student. He worked part-time at UPS while attending college.

Kyle shared a great love for his parents and younger brother, his extended family, and his girlfriend of 6 years. Kylie, as well as love for many friends.  Kyle had a tattoo of what was important to him: FAMILY, LOVE & LUCK.

In March of 2011, Kyle and girlfriend Kylie Jobe, became victims of a drunk driver as they returned home from a ski trip over spring break. They were killed in a tragic accident on I-70 when a 27- year-old man entered the interstate going the wrong direction. The driver had a blood alcohol level of .23, almost three times the legal limit. Unfortunately, three lives were lost that night. Every year on the Saturday ending spring break week an Annual 5k run/walk memorial event called Run2Believe is held in Maize to honor Kyle and Kylie. 

Proceeds from the run benefit the Maize Education Foundation, which gives scholarships to two Maize students in Kyle’s name, one for Architecture and one for Soccer. Proceeds also benefit an OSU Foundation scholarship in Kylie’s name and Maize/Maize South after prom programs as well as educational programs on the dangers of drinking and driving.

Since the tragedy, a bill was signed creating the “Kyle Thornburg and Kylie Jobe Believe Act”.  The couple was honored with Kansas’ first Lost to DUI Roadside Memorial Marker. The sign was placed at mile marker 210 on I-70, where the accident occurred. The Memorial Marker serves as a constant reminder for everyone to make responsible decisions in their lives and to not drink and drive



Each year, two scholarships are awarded to qualified graduating seniors.


One $1,000 scholarship is awarded to a senior who has participated in soccer at some point at Maize High School or Maize South High School.


One $1,000 scholarship is awarded to a senior who plans to pursue art or architecture as a major in college.

Please make sure you read through the application carefully to understand all instructions and requirements.

Good luck!

Contact Travis Bloom if you have any questions about the scholarships or the application process.

Kyle Thornburg


Submit your application to your school counselor or to the Maize Education Foundation in the Educational Support Center by 4:30 PM on March 20, 2019.


If you would like to make a contribution in support of the Kyle Thornburg Memorial Fund, please click the button below to make an online donation