Shelley Poynter was a lifetime Maize resident who dedicated 27 years of service to the Maize School District. As a student at Maize High School, Shelley was an all-star athlete who graduated in 1981. She also was an active member of 4-H and was crowned National Guernsey Princess in 1980.

Shelley continued her education at Kansas State University and was an avid participant in extracurricular activities. She was a member of the KSU women’s basketball team, Chi Omega Sorority, numerous intramural programs, and was a regular at K-State football games.

Upon graduating from KSU in 1986, she returned to teach and coach in the Maize School District. She was a member of the United Methodist Church in Maize and directed the Summer Vacation Bible School program.

Shelley married AC Poynter in 1990, and they had three children, Shea, McKenna, and TC. In 2005, Shelley received her Master’s Degree in Arts and Education from Baker University. Shelley was a mentor and coach to numerous students in basketball and volleyball, and most of Maize learned to sink or swim from her at the Woodard Pool. She was an avid runner and logged many miles beside her faithful Dobermans.

At a young age of 35, Shelley was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was no surprise at this crossroads in her life that Shelley decided to fight and battle cancer with all her might. Shelley was an inspiration to all in her 13-year battle with cancer. Her perseverance to fight through and keep life as normal as possible for her family, students, and herself was nothing but courageous.

Her motto was to “Keep on Believing.”



The Shelley Woodard Poynter Memorial Scholarship was established in 2012 by AC Poynter, family, and friends.

Two $500 scholarships are awarded each year to one recipient from Maize High School and one recipient from Maize South High School. The recipients are selected on the basis of academic achievement, participation in extracurricular activities, and an essay on perseverance.

Please make sure you read through the application carefully to understand all instructions and requirements.

Good luck!

Contact Travis Bloom if you have any questions about the scholarships or the application process.



Submit your application to your school counselor or to the Maize Education Foundation in the Educational Support Center by 4:30 PM on March 20, 2019.


If you would like to make a contribution in support of the Shelley Woodard Poynter Memorial Fund, please click the button below to make an online donation